Extra-curricular Activities

Nova Sports:

Sport is an important part of the curriculum and one in which Nova excels. Nova offers a wide variety of after school sports including football, basketball & swimming. Our swimming curriculum is a program suitable for all student ages and levels.

Nova Swim Day is an event held annually when our students get a chance to show off their swimming skills. Nova Sports Day is an annual event when all our students contribute in individual and team games. The event is full of fun for all!!

School Team:

During the School year , NIS will be competing in different sports tournaments with other schools. The NIS school Team is “Nova Lions” , the School Sports Mascot is “Mighty Leo” . Leo represents the spirit of the NOVA Lions, fun, brave, Determined and a Team Player .


As an after school activity students are encouraged if interested to develop their skills in music playing musical instruments and playing with the Nova Orchestra. Nova has a wide range of musical instruments ranging from drums, trumpets, saxophones, violins to electric bass guitars. every year in April Nova holds the Music Festival and Art Walk, during this fun packed night the students individually and in groups demonstrate the musical capabilities

After School Clubs:

Our teachers and educational assistants also run school clubs that are always updated so it is fun, informative and builds student different skills. The clubs include :
- Poetry, debate, chess, photography, and theater.