Kindergarten: 5 years old by September 1st

Practical life:

KG class is the preparation that sums and adds up the experiences and skills acquired in earlier classes, the preparation is done in this class for the school level and above all the “Practical Life” This helps the child care about themselves, and helps them care about their school environment. They begin to learn the importance of self control. They also learn the importance of social relations with their classmates and consequently their general social life.


The children will have concrete experience in math using a variety of teaching manipulatives. They will learn the proper language for mathematics, such as addition, subtraction, graphs etc, this paves the way for further math classes in the future. Using a variety of manipulatives helps the children touch, feel, and manipulation to get the answers. Solid geometric shapes with proper names introduce the child to solid geometry.

Language Arts:

Language Arts is composed of reading, writing, spelling and spoken language. Phonics and phonemic awareness activities are used daily. This helps prepare the child for formal reading. Reading instruction is done on a daily basis.

Social studies:

Social Studies in Kindergarten introduce the children to the world around them.

Arts and crafts:

Often a small child has difficulty expressing themselves in words, but they are able to express themselves through art, drawing, painting, and illustrating. They begin to enjoy doing simple projects that they are able to take home and share with their family.


An interest in science is fostered through doing simple experiments which the child can explore and an interest is sparked. The experiments in water, air, solids and magnets are presented in a way that paves the road for future science classes. The plant and animal kingdoms are studied in an orderly fashion.


Music and dance help develop the child’s auditory sense and balance. Music also serves as a means of expression. This includes group singing,, a simple introduction of musical notes. They may use and experiment with different musical instruments that help train the child’s ear to the different sounds of each.

Character Development:

This includes the teaching of procedures such as taking turns, learning to wait your turn, freedom of choice. Each child is treated with love and respect. We help the child learn to respect the rights of others. Instilling positive character traits begins the very first day of school and continues all year long.