An Overview


Nova is using the best of two educational curriculums, the American and the British. Through world renowned & tested curriculum Nova delivers a curriculum that fully and progressively develop each individual student socially and academically.

An Overview

For Pre-school to grade five we are using an American curriculum that teaches the children how to think creatively. They will learn the six traits of writing, and how to read fluently. They will learn math and science with hands on materials.

Sixth grade will be transition grade. We will utilize the best components of the American curriculum and the best components of the British curriculum.

From 7th grade on we will strictly utilize the British curriculum leading to IGCSE . The students will take the core subjects that make up the British curriculum, such as Mathematics, English, Science , Information Communication and Technology, Art, Music and Physical Education will all be taught in English. Religious Studies and Arabic will be taught in a manner that makes them comprehensible and aids the students to not only love the subjects but to excel in them.