Toddler Class: for children who are 2 years old by spetember 1st

At Nova we believe it is never too early in life for the learning process to begin , the objectives of the toddler class is the following:

Social Life:

The purpose of the social life exercises is to teach respect for one’s self and respect for others. It includes teaching sharing and caring. Potty training for the toddler is a comprehensive part of Toddler Class.

English Language:

The purpose of the language program at this level is to expose the toddler to English language through conversations and written print. This is done through storytelling, flannel boards, and rhymes. These activities all raise a toddler’s interest in the language.


At this stage children learn by play they use shape sorting activities, learn simple patterns, stacking blocks and using tactile materials to touch and feel the numbers up to five. All of these activities introduce the two year old to the world of mathematics.


The two year old is exposed through the Toddler class to cultural experiences, through stories about children around the world. Thus stimulating their cultural awareness.

Arts and Crafts:

This program helps the toddler’s build their motor skills, concentration and independence by using their imagination. Activities include, painting, coloring, playing with play dough, and using pencils all introduce the toddler to the world of art. Their creativity is encouraged.


Toddlers love music. They develop rhythm, they love to sing and dance to music. This also helps build their coordination and helps the toddler express himself/herself in a positive manner. This is necessary for their social and emotional growth, through a variety of simple musical instruments. This allows them to create their own music thus releasing their creativity and imagination.

Character Development:

Our toddler room is a safe learning environment that helps the toddler develop concentration and establish the love for learning at an early age.